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What is this Annoying Cough?

What is this annoying cough?

Your throat is a very sensitive part of the body. The lining of your throat can sense touch, temperature, taste and position. You can sense these things even while you are breathing and eating. Your throat is responsible for getting food and air into the right tubes, making sure you don’t choke. The main job of your throat is keeping your airway safe and clear so you can breathe. A cough can be either voluntary or automatic.

Coughing is one method our bodies use to keep us healthy, but a cough that lasts a long time can affect your life in many ways. Coughing can keep you up at night and make your days miserable from muscle pain and being tired. It’s important to find out why your cough won’t go away.

Dry tickly cough can be commonly caused by viruses. Viruses attack the nose, the throat and the sinuses. Other reasons for chronic cough include sinusitis and allergies. Sinus problems and allergies, along with upper respiratory infections, produce post-nasal drip. This drip is sometimes feels like “a tickle in the back of the throat,” and drainage can lead to chronic cough. This “tickle” happens when the amount of draining mucus is larger than usual.

Treating these types of cough often involves non sedating antihistamines to reduce "post nasal drip"and gargles and lozenges to ease an itchy throat or cough mixture to supress the cough.

Come in and talk to our friendly team how we can help ease that annoying cough!

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