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Do Your Kids Have Headlice?

Have your kids or grandkids bought home unwanted friends in their hair? Schools back and so are head lice or nits!

1 in 4 primary school children have head lice! Head lice have a 14 day life cycle therefore it is important for 3 treatments on day 1 day 7 and day 14. Treatment can be either with an insecticide or silicon based product to kill the live lice. It is important that the directions are followed for each product. Resistance to products can occur so it is a good idea to change chemicals with further re-infestation.

The most important step is removing the eggs. I suggest coating the hair with lots of conditioner and detangle hair with a normal comb. Separate hair into sections and fine tooth comb with a metal lice comb. I suggest wiping what comes off the comb onto a tissue so that you can see the dead lice and eggs that are being removed. Keep combing each section until no more lice or eggs are removed.

It is easy to miss an egg or too, which may hatch a few days later,  so It is a good idea to fine-tooth comb the hair every 3-4 days
Lice don’t jump, they need head to head contact to spread therefore pulling back hair and avoid sharing hats and brushes.
Call in and see us if you need help choosing chemicals, are pregnant or just need further advice

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Most of my staff are mothers that have experience in removing lice, don't be embarrassed come in today!

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